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Beauty Haul Part 1 - Sephora

Recently I did some shopping and thought it might be interesting to show you what I bought. Firstly I went to Sephora and then to The Body Shop. This post will be exclusively about my purchases at Sephora and tomorrow I will show you the goodies I got at The Body Shop.

I will review each of the products  individually on a later post, after I have properly tested them. In the meantime you can tell me if there is a specific product you are particularly interest in and I will post its review as soon as possible.

But now let's talk about the two products I bought at Sephora. I didn't really need more stuff but when I received a text message offering a 25% off discount if I bought 2 products, I couldn´t resist. Anyway it wasn't too bad for my bank account since the two things I chose, which I had been wanting for a really long time, were not pricey at all.

The first thing I new I wanted was the Sleek Oh So Special eyeshadow palette. I already own the Au naturel and the Snapshots palettes and love them to death. They are not at all expensive: they retail for 10 euros in Portugal, and if you take into consideration the amazing quality of the eyeshadows (their only downsize is that some of them can be a bit powdery) I think there are pretty cheap even. So when faced with the possibility of buying one more of these palettes for just 7,5euros (isn't it a bargain?) I couldn't resist.

I had been eying this palette specifically for quite some time. It seems to be the perfect match for the Au naturel one, having seven matte eyeshadows and 5 more glittery ones all in neutral, mostly rosy, tones whilst the Au naturel palette has more neutral browns and beiges. So I think they will be a fantastic combination for achieving a variety of natural everyday looks. 

The second thing I had to bring with me was the Sephora Collection Classic Foundation Brush (nº47). I own quite a few of Sephora's brushes and adore them. I don't think they are talked about enough. They are not cheap but they are extremely high quality (at least I haven't had any problems with mine) and I think they are worth the money even more if you have a 25% off discount over the original price (13 euros).

After having picked this to products my eyes were drawn to the Estée Lauder (my favourite cosmetics brand) and saw their new Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion. I have to admit I was this close to buying it but since my experience with the Advanced Night Repair eye cream wasn't the best I didn't want to risk it and just asked for a sample. I have to tell you, I don't think I will be able to restrain myself much longer before I cave in and buy it. I used it twice and have already noticed a difference.

At the checkout counter the lady there was kind enough to give a couple more samples that I am very curious about since I haven't tried anything from this brand yet. They're both from Biotherm: one from their Aquasource Nuit high density hydrating jelly and the other from the Aquasource Deep Serum. 

And that's it for today. 

I appreciate any suggestions you might have.



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