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Beauty Haul Part 2 - The Body Shop


As promised, here is my Body Shop Haul.

The other day I passed by the store and couldn't resist bringing some stuff with me. Their products just smell sooo good!

I didn't open most of the products yet because I am still to finish lots of other body products and don't want these to spoil in the meantime.

Sorry for the terrible shape the bag is in

Be prepared! I am a mango lover!


The first thing I picked was a scrub. I haven't tried any of the Body Shop ones and I am super curious about them. I love scrubs. However, I have to admit I am not the type of girl to use them daily. But at least once a week I do do some body scrubbing. In the summer time I try to do it more because it really helps with achieving a more even tan and that's the reason I bought this mango scrub in particular, because I think the mango scent will feel great after a day on the beach . 
It's a bit expensive for a scrub though (about 12 euros if I rember correctly).
I'll let you know what I think about it once I've tried it and if I think it's worth the money (I hope so!) 

My first Body Shop Scrub!

 Even though I am expecting the scrub to be moisturizing enough due to the mango seed oil in its constitution, I always like to follow my shower with a moisturizer, especially during summer when we wear shorts, skirts and dresses and want our legs to be in particularly good shape. So I decided to buy the body butter to use afterwards.

Did I make the right choice? Or should I have bought the lotion instead?

Last but not least since the oils had a 50%off discount I decided to pick one to try out. The lady at the store explained that this is a multi-purpose oil that you can use on your face, body and hair. In the brand's website they have tons of suggestions of how to use this product. If you are interested I can also do a post about it, just let me know.

Since I have The Body Shop's Cart I am entitled to a 10 euros voucher to spend on the store when I reach 4 purchases over 25euros. This time I hit that mark and was super excited because I got to bring home with me one (or better two) of my favourite Body Shop products: the lip butters. I would never have bought their lip butters otherwise because I think they are extremely overpriced but its I gift I always enjoy receiving. They are super moisturizing, smell and taste deliciously.
 I couldn't decide which one to choose so I picked both the mango and the coconut lip butters (they retail for 5 euros each here in Portugal).

My new babies!

My old baby! -
I hope that even though the packaging changed the content stayed the same.

Old one!

This is what's left of my "old" lip butter after only a couple of months of use!

Finally the lady at the counter was super nice and since I had never tried their skincare she gave me two samples of their seaweed line, for combination skin, : the mattifying day cream and the clarifying night treatment.

Day Cream - Night Cream

The day cream I haven't tried yet but it's a white gel/cream

Day cream - sorry for being so difficult to see.

The night cream I have already had the chance to try even if not enough to tell you if I see a difference on my skin. 
It is fresh, clear gel. It  has a nice scent in the pot that reminds me of the sea and flowers. However after having applied it on my skin my hands smell like sea and fish but not in the best way. Is it just me? Am I going crazy?

Night cream

Night Cream

Night cream

Have you tried any of this two creams? Would you advise me to buy the full size version? And about other Body Shop products? Are there any that you think I should try?



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