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Garnier Ambre Solaire, Golden Touch After Sun - Product Review

The end of summer is fast approaching but since I know some of you are yet to go on holidays, I think/hope it’s not too late to do a review on the after-sun lotion I took on holidays with me this year: the Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Touch After Sun.

 For the past couple of years my go-to after-sun lotion/body moisturizer was Sephora’s After Sun Moisturizing Balm. I fell in love the first time I used it. It’s just amazing. And since the price range was so close to that of the drugstore versions, I didn’t even bother to look up for another. This summer I couldn’t find it anywhere – I just hope it hasn’t been discontinued!

 However, this summer when I went to buy my sunscreen (I’ll be reviewing it soon), every single sun-related product was at a major discount (75%!!! What??). There’s no need to tell you, I couldn’t not bring an after-sun with me as well (they were just so super cheap!) Anyway, I looked around and went for this one.

It reads:
Shimmering hydration lotion enriched with nourishing Monoi oil and a luminous pearl shimmer

-Is the hydrating lotion Golden Touch After Sun for me?
-Yes, if your skin feels tight after sun exposure and you want to moisturize it and enhance your tan at the same time. The Golden Touch Lotion is specifically formulated to nourish and soften skin that has become drier due to sun exposure.

It reads:
- How does it work?
- Its formula is enriched with nourishing Monoi oil and a luminous pearl shimmer.
- Original from Tahiti, Monoi oil results from the combination of Tiaré flower and coconut oil. Monoi oil is recognized worldwide for its nourishing properties as well as ability to restructure the superior layers of the epidermis that were damaged by external aggressions.
- Its texture is subtly enriched with luminous pearl shimmer to illuminate your complexion and enhance your tan, after sun exposure. Its sensual perfume leaves in your skin a sense of being on holidays. Nourished and soothed, your skin stays hydrated for 24 hours and your tan is enhanced.
- How to use it?
- Non-greasy and non-sticky, the Golden Touch lotion is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin with a golden touch and delicately fragranced. Apply to clean skin, after each sun exposure.


The description was quite catchy: “Shimmering hydration lotion enriched with nourishing Monoi oil and a luminous pearl shimmer.” Who doesn’t want that?

 It also promised to:

·         Illuminate tan

·         Soothe the skin

·         Provide 24 hour hydration

·         Have a cooling sensation

·         Be dermatologically tested

All good things, right?


 So, what’s my final verdict?

It’s really nice (BUT in all honestly, it doesn’t even come close to the Sephora one, just saying!):

-          My skin didn’t react to it – in a bad way (which is known to happen – I have atopic skin and had my share of allergic reactions)

-          I love the scent, it’s really lovely – quite fresh and summery – but not strong enough to interfere with your everyday fragrance.

-          The lotion is super light and absorbs quickly onto to skin, which is great.

-          It did feel cooling (a little bit – if you are on the look for a cooling product I wouldn’t recommend this).

-          It was hydrating but I guess I’d prefer it if it were a bit more moisturizing – I have normal to dry skin (I’m talking about my body, obviously). In a day-to-day basis this would probably be enough for me but the sun, sand, salt and chlorine always leave my skin feeling much drier.

-          It didn’t hydrate my skin for 24 hours but maybe 6 to 8 hours.

-          I don’t think it prolonged my tan – but can’t be sure. Anyway, it doesn’t promise to do it either, I guess.

-          It soothes dry skin but it isn’t particularly good with soothing your skin if you have been sun burnt, it cools the area a bit but nothing special.

-          All in all, quite an average product but for one thing: the shimmering part. This moisturizer has tiny little glowing golden particles on it. They are only visible on the skin if you are under direct sun light or bright lighting. They give a nice subtle slightly shimmery look to your skin. I liked it but didn’t adore it. Some of you might love it, or hate it though. It’s certainly not for everyone’s taste – if you apply it just to the legs and/or arms maybe – but for an all over body lotion it might be a bit too much if you go clubbing after applying – the lighting effects might make it less subtle (but I haven’t tested it so they may not).


The shimmery particles
- Keep in mind that in the picture they are a bit more concentrated than usual - it was just for me to be able to show you more or less the look of them

Do I recommend this product?

-          Maybe. It’s not the best product I’ve ever tried but it’s good enough, just not as good as my beloved Sephora’s one. I’d say, quality wise, it’s quite similar to ones from other drugstore brands such as Nivea. The only difference is that this one has shimmery particles and the Nivea one doesn’t – so if it were me undecided between Garnier’s and Nivea’s after sun I would use the shimmering detail as my decisive factor. If you want subtle shimmer just go for this one, if you don’t the other one might be better for you. If you are interested in buying it, I’m sure you can find it in any supermarket or drugstore that sells sunscreens or you can buy at for 12,49euros (now, on sale, for only 8,74 euros!)

 Will I repurchase it? 

-        Once again, had I not “met” my darling Sephora’s After Sun Moisturizing Balm I’d probably would but as I have, I don’t think so. Unless Sephora has discontinued it (please, please no!) which would break my hard and put me back on the market for a new “Holy Grail” to replace it.




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