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Nivea, Volume Sensation Shampoo - Product Review

Good evening, everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing another Nivea product, their Volume Sensation Shampoo.

I bought this shampoo because I used to be a Nivea’s girl (no, I never worked for them, nor was I ever sponsored by them or by anyone else as a matter of fact, but I really, really loved the brand and was obsessed with most products they’d launched when I was in my teens - I’m 22 now, if you’re interested).

It reads:
- Volume Sensation, Body & visible volume for your hair;
- Bamboo Extract + Liquid Keratin;
- Fine hair or hair without volume

But, as of the last couple of years Nivea’s new products had become more disappointing than anything else, especially skincare wise – sorry Nivea lovers out there. So, in the name of the “good old days” a couple of months ago I bought several different products and decided to give the brand a go, again. Since I had never tried their hair care stuff anyway, I went for it. Let me tell you – bad idea! (at least in what this product is concerned).

It reads:
- Nivea, Feel the care on your hair;
- Beautiful hair you can feel, thanks to the unique Nivea's formula that includes a combination of Liquid Keratin - a natural component of the hair - and natural ingredients;
- Does your hair look like it lacks in volume and that it doen't have enough body from the root?;
- Enjoy a sensation of body and visible volume to your hair with the Volume Sensation Shampoo. The light formula with bamboo extract: strenghtens the hair from the roots, cleanses and gently cares for your hair, adds texture to your hair without weighing it down.;
- Sensational Volume. A softness sensation.;
- For better results, try other products from the Volume Sensation hair care and styling range.

According to the brand’s website this shampoo is supposed to:
  •        Provide impressive volume long-lastingly
  •        Gives structure to your look 
  •        Do not weigh the hair down
  •        Give sensational volume
  •        Leave an impressive feel

According to my personal experience:
  •        It doesn’t provide impressive volume, much less a long-lasting one
  •        It doesn’t give any structure to the hair.
  •        It weighs the hair down
  •       It doesn’t give a sensational volume
  •        It doesn’t leave an impressive feel


I’ll try and explain to you the reasons behind my dislike. It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t see results volume wise that made an impression (a bad one) on me, but the fact that this being a clear shampoo that was supposed to leave fine hair lighter and more voluminous looking would weight it down instead.
I didn’t immediately notice that, I’ll be honest. The first time I used it my impression was ok:
  •        It had an ok scent (a fresh one), that didn’t exactly linger on the hair, though (but that was fine by me).
  •       It was a clear shampoo so I thought it would really clean the hair well. Even if, after I had washed my hair with it, the hair had never felt squeaky clean. Since I wash my hair every day I thought that might even be an advantage because it would mean clean hair but not hair stripped of all its moisture.
  •        I didn’t notice any difference in texture or volume the first couple of weeks.

However, after having been using this shampoo for more than two weeks in a row, I started to notice that my hair felt very limp. I decided to use a purifying shampoo, thinking I might had been using too much styling products. After the purifying shampoo my hair still felt heavy. I stopped using styling products the following week to understand what was going on. After a week of washing my hair every day and still no change in texture, I used my purifying shampoo again and still my hair didn’t fell super clean. It wasn’t the strongest purifying shampoo, I’ll admit. But I tend to prefer my purifying shampoos not to be too stripping since I wash my hair daily so it’s kept pretty clean already.

After changing shampoos and starting to see changes for the better, this was my conclusion: this shampoo really doesn’t wash your hair properly. No matter how well I rinsed, my hair still felt heavy. Moreover, after about a month of usage, I started having dandruff issues because my scalp wasn’t clean enough (and I’m always careful to properly rub it with my fingers, every single day).
Since I didn’t want to jump to conclusions – especially not so nice ones - about their hair care line having just tried one product and taking into account that this shampoo was pretty affordable, I also bought the Fresh Energy Refreshing Shampoo from the same range which was advertised as a more purifying shampoo. Despite having a better fragrance – a citrusy one – it still left my hair feeling like crap.

Something else that also corroborates my conclusion that Nivea’s shampoos aren’t that good: no later than a month, or a month and a half, after having bought these shampoos the Portuguese website from Nivea stopped advertising them. A couple of weeks afterwards, I stopped seeing their shampoos or conditioners in most supermarkets. I honestly think this was a great decision. 

Maybe they’ll relaunch them once they achieve a better formulation (that’s what they should have done in the first place) or they have simply understood that that is just not their field to play… Who knows? Who cares?
Would I recommend this product?
NO,NO,NO. Don’t buy it (unless you really want to and if so, go for it!). They took it from the market here in Portugal for a reason, I’m assuming. Anyway I know they’re still being sold in some countries where maybe the formulation is different. Maybe?
Honestly, if you love your hair choose another shampoo from the thousand hair care brands available. You definitely don’t need this product.
Will I repurchase it?
 They’re not as available in Portugal as they were before but even if they were I guess I wouldn’t repurchase them anyway. I’d rather use the cheapest shampoo on the supermarket shelves (believe it or not some of them are reasonably good!).
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