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Biotherm, Aquasource Deep Serum - Sample Sized

Hello everyone!

I'm back with a mini review from another Biotherm product, this time the Aquasource Deep Serum.

It reads:
- Deep hydration and luminosity
- Try it out!
 If you’ve read my last Sample Sized post, then this name will feel extremely familiar. That’s because this Serum is also from Biotherm’s Aquasource collection and I got this sample when I purchased a couple of things at Sephora (see my Sephora Haul).

It reads:
- 3 times more concentrated
- A new source of light is born...
- *concentration in Thermal Plankton water and Mannose in comparison to Aquasource Gel

So, what does the brand have to say about this product?

“3X more concentrated (than the Aquasource gel) and 24hr hydration”

“For the first time, Biotherm has managed to concentrate Thermal Plankton water 3X more and associate it with mannose in a formula, to create Deep Serum. This elixir helps to improve the appearance of skin quality and leave skin looking more radiant.

“Visible skin results: skin feels intensely hydrated and looks healthier; skin looks more luminous and complexion looks more even; skin looks more hydrated”

It reads:
- Discovered in the French Pyrenees
- Skin regeneration properties as no other
- Protected by 12 patents

And what are my thoughts on this?

Well, I really liked it. It was a white gel type of product. It felt even lighter on the skin than the High Density Hydrating Jelly and it also got absorbed faster. The smell was pretty similar to that of the Hydrating Jelly deliciously sweet and citrusy – loved it. I used it for about 4 nights (how long the sample lasted) and noticed my skin looking more luminous and hydrated in the morning. I didn’t notice my complexion being evener – but I just used it for such a short amount of time that it’s difficult to tell if it works or not.


Will I purchase it?

Even though I liked this product, I’m not sure I’ll be buying it at least on the near future. I am almost done with my last bottle of my Holy Grail, the Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex (which featured in my August Favorites and a proper review will be coming soon). I used this product as my nighttime serum for more than a year non-stop – that’s how much I adore this product. However, I wanted to try something new in order to share more opinions on products with you and I ended up picking one serum/oil in my last Feelunique shopping spree (as soon as I get the products I’ll post a haul with pictures). Besides that, the new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II (ANR II) has arrived to Portugal about two weeks ago and as soon as I finish testing the new serum I ordered at I’ll run to Sephora to buy the new ANR II.

So, all this blabber just to tell you that: I don’t know if I will buy this product because I can’t think that far ahead.

Do I recommend it?

From what I could test I would say yes. It didn’t cause any allergic reaction nor did I notice it clogging my pores. It’s very light but very hydrating at the same time. You can use it mornings and/or nights before your moisturizer (or on its own if you prefer keeping things lighter) and it’s recommended for all skin types so it’s great if you want to share it with a sister, your mum, your friend, basically anyone you might live with (that’s a really great idea if you can’t spend that much money on one product on your own). If you want to buy this product online, you can find it at for 46,25euros (50ml).

Please let me know your thoughts in case you have tried this product. I’d also love suggestions on how to improve the quality of the blog and products you’d like me to review.



Disclaimer – I know that I’m always talking about but I’m in no way affiliated to them. The reasons behind my mentions of Feelunique are, its offering: free shipping worldwide, a large variety of products at very competitive prices, great service.


  1. I've never tried anything from Biotherm, but this sounds lovely. I do want to try the ANR though!! Just started following you. xx

    1. Thank you so much for commenting!

      The ANR is really amazing - I'm sure you won't regret trying it (I'd just ask for a sample at Sephora;)).


  2. this sounds really good!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new Chanel cream blush giveaway! click here.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment!

      It is :)

      I certainly will.I have already subscribed to your blog.;)


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