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Liz Earle, Daily Eye Repair - Product Review

I want to apologize in advance for such a long post but this product deserved it. If you are short on time, as always: skip to the end of the post and see my answers to the two questions in orange (Will I repurchase it? Do I recommend it?). I hope you can fall in love with is product as I have. :)

An eye cream that really works? That’s right!

I have lots of problems with my under-eye area: from super dry skin and fine lines (and I’m just 22!) to puffiness and the dreadful dark circles – I’ve got it all. Until I came across this little guy I had given up on brightening eye creams. I’d tried both drugstore and high-end super-raved ones, but nothing worked – worst even, they would leave my under-eye area feeling super dry and hence made my concealer look cakey. So I resorted to a really hydrating eye cream (my favorite so far was the Estée Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Eye Gel Crème) and a brightening concealer – that’s it. I wasn’t really satisfied but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

The packaging seems carefully thought about, with these lovely drawings on the sides.

And then, the Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair came into my life. I didn’t have high hopes for it, I’ll admit. I got it, as my free full-size product, a while ago when I purchased the Liz Earle Monthly Essentials. But then I tried this preciousness and got hooked from day one.


This is an amazing product. I don’t know how it works to achieve that but it does, it ticks all my boxes (yes, all of them and some extra ones, I didn’t know I had).

But first things first - what the brand has to say about this product:
“Use this triple-action cream every morning after moisturising to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Light-reflective particles brighten dark under-eye shadows, while SPF10 mineral sunscreen helps protect this delicate area from UV light.”
After testing this product for a while I can assure you of something: this ISN’T a triple-action cream. It’s an at-least-FIVE-that-I-remember-action cream.
This eye care product meant for the mornings, has a thick creamy consistence and a slightly herbal scent – so far I bet you’re not so impressed, right? Let me just tell you this – forget the scent for a while (it doesn’t last, anyway, and it’s not strong at all) and apply this white cream under your eyes. I bet you’re thinking “How the hell will I be able to apply my makeup afterwards?” Yes, I know it looks a bit too dense for a morning cream but if you’ll just pat it under your eyes – yes, you’ll notice, it isn’t at all. “Maybe this isn’t moisturizing enough for me…” - it might occur to you. That’s because in less than a minute it looks like the product was completely absorbed and you no longer have that sensation of just having applied moisturizer to your skin. So why was I raving about this product after all?

This product is definitely the underdog that ends up coming out on top. It doesn’t seem anything special right after you’ve applied it but then:
  • You’ll notice that you under-eye area is brighter and you look more awake. How? Do you know those light-reflecting concealer/highlight products (like the YSL Touche Eclat), that are so super flattering? Imagine those in a translucent/no-color-to-them version. This is what this product looks like. You can’t see the light-reflecting particles (not even on a magnifying mirror – don’t worry) you just look more awake and really well-slept. It’s really beautiful. And after, perhaps, two weeks of using this non-stop I started to notice that my dark circles were getting less and less prominent, even before applying this product in the morning. Since day one you’ll notice that your need for concealer will decrease (because of the light-reflecting particles your eyes will immediately look brighter) and given time the appearance of your dark circles will get better and better- they’ll be less and less noticeable.
  • Hydration-wise you’ll have to wait up until the end of the day to see for yourself how this product works. Right after applying this eye cream, you may have your doubts about is replenishing powers, but the reality is that more than 12hours later if you touch your skin it still feels as nourished as if you had just applied your cream. I’ll be honest I had never, never tried an eye cream that kept my skin as hydrated for such a long time (usually after 6-8 hours I need to reapply them because otherwise my under-eyes get really itchy and I feel uncomfortable).
  • You might also notice that you don’t have as many fine lines after a couple of weeks of using this (at least I did!).
  • Another achievement for this product was reducing puffiness. It doesn’t promise to do so but the thing is, after a week I realized that my lids didn’t feel so heavy anymore (but dismissed it). However, after 3 weeks I couldn’t deny it anymore – the difference was visible (to me, obviously – this probably won’t have your friends asking you if have just done some plastic surgery to that area – but it was enough of a difference to make me feel more confident about a part of my body I used to hate).
  • Last but not least, two important extras: it contains SPF10 – which is not the highest but since I always wear sunglasses - and would never apply sunscreen around my eyes anyway (except on the beach/pool) because they’d be to drying – this is just a nice bit of extra protection (and ageing prevention too!); besides, this cream results from lots of nice ingredients instead of a bunch of chemicals put together on a tube.

Will I repurchase it?

YES! YES! YES! It’s just a wonderful product that works like no other I’ve known. Already a holy grail in my collection!

This product makes me look fresher and feel prettier every single morning. And at night, after taking all of my makeup off, my under-eye area still feels and looks properly taken care of and ready to enjoy the full benefits of whichever night cream I choose to apply.

Moreover, it’s much cheaper than many, not so effective, eye creams I’ve tried (it retails for 17,75euros (10ml tube) on the Liz Earle Website - but a little goes a long way!)

Do I recommend it?

In all honesty, I couldn’t recommend it more: no matter how old you are, whether you have a problematic under-eye area or a flawless one – just give it a go (they have it in a travel version too).

This product just works: it brightens the under-eye area; diminishes dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness; it’s very hydrating, but not too much, so it just works brilliantly under makeup; has SPF on it which also helps preventing ageing and wrinkles; it’s made out of very nice ingredients; it isn’t ludicrously expensive and finally it’s suitable for all skin types.

Please, let me know if you have already tried this eye cream. Do you share my thoughts on it?
Any suggestions for future posts are very welcome! :) Thank you for your time!




  1. Wow, this sounds amazing! It's great that it's got SPF in it, it will definitely help with preventing the fine lines! I'm using a Superfacialist by Una Brennan one atm, it's also suppose to be brightening and it's working pretty well! xx

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I find it really amazing :) But if I get my hands on the one from Una Brennan I'll give it a go!




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